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The Irish Media is Misandrist Too!

Well we have established RTE (Irish TV Channel) is feminazi central. We know they are not neutrals or mere reporters. They are pro-active manipulators of contemporary society. They are in it with their advertisers and government up to their brown eyes. Yes citizens of the world RTE gets advertising revenue as well as a license fee from you know who. Who pays the piper calls the tune. A marriage made in utopia. Socialistic thought funded by unabashed rampant capitalism. The “new” China exemplifies this new unholy alliance par excellence. RTE often stand accused of gross dishonesty and deceit. Yet despite repeated complaints they never bow to their recipients or would that be servants – the public. They get my vote as one of the most PC organizations in Ireland today. Dont turn over to TV3, depressingly it in my experience it is more of the same. A trendy chummy glammed up celebrity affair, a rival organization somewhat resentful of RTE’s super abundant income.

A recent RTE radiophone in on gay adoption, I am reliably informed, seemed suspiciously weighted in favour. Hetereophobes are welcome in RTE. Homophobes may apply elsewhere.

What lies at the rotten dark heart of evil feminist beliefs? Without forgetting its communistic pedigree, its misapplication of Marxist thought on gender relations. Granted that Marxism has been misapplied all over the world, with mass graves to prove it. Utopia has never arrived around the world, yet they still keep on trying. Like a punter on the ground floor repeatedly pushing the button for the broken elevator in a high-grade hotel. As history illustrates the unbridled pursuit of Utopia delivers misery upon misery.
Hell was waiting in the wings as ever. Stalins Siberian cold breathe was to send its far reaching chill to sunny climates far beyond Soviet borders. The destruction is still with us; Chernobyl still poisons its children. The dialectic doctrine is still force-fed, not just in China, western Universities are steeped in it too. The errors of communism have indeed spread over the whole world.

In the end it will disperse. I suspect by purgation, of nature herself in revulsion at the unnatural and perverse spirit foisted on us all. People say God will punish. I dont think it is he who punishes. These natural disasters are wrought by the follies of humanities own hands. The Jezebel daughter of Marx, feminism is in all this mayhem as much as steely minded globalising businessmen.

Thats the political now as the personal. The infamous cry of the solipsist feminist left, I have here inverted. It is all the personal for feminists because it is primarily sexual. This militant misandry of theirs from whence? “Who Whom?” Lenin once said of power. It is not and never was mere “penis envy” although feminist terror of power the phallus is easily discernible in feminist writings. No feminism understands, as the politics of the dykes, is total envy of all masculine ability. They hate men (yet mimic men in dress). They adopt their warped misconceptions of manhood into a never ending indirect aggressiveness, as a way of life. Aggression to men of course who are a threat to their sexual prey – women.

One elderly woman once lamented, “When a woman wants to be like a man why cant she be a nice man” They (the lesbians) crave an illusory imaginary female affection that they believe women give all men as a constitutional right. Curious to note many feminist women had terrible relationships with – their mothers. Primarily women are slow to trust in the courtship game, as well they might be. Women are practical in selecting a mate, as well they might be. Earning power and finances, for the practicalities of family life, are a serious consideration, as well they might be.

The infamous Irish Bachelors of long ago knew this. They worked hard in the fields with shovel shaped hands for hours then the same hands grasped a pint of stout in the evening and sang songs told stories, they loved women, were kind to women. The Irish bachelors were practical too, as well they might be. “Sure how would I have time for family with all the work – I already have” There were others who married and were as happy as this imperfect world allows. Even those not so happy pulled through with moral purpose,
It was never going to be perfect.

Today, well men have been getting bad press for a long time. Feminist attitudes are engrained among the unthinking. Many many women believe the dismal stories of the feminazi princesses and the Uriah Heaps in the media. The male oppressors are mean misogynistic monsters eagerly waiting to maim, rape, cause maximum distress to women.
So I and other men have been hearing the following statements non-stop from women:
“Men/boys are pigs, scum, rats, thugs, barbarians…etc” Does this go unnoticed? No it does not.

Now the modern male already predisposed to suspect romantic notions of love, bids them exit the masculine psyche – its a catching cure. The state, the media, the divorce courts and the general hostility of women towards men for now decades have engendered a bemused cynicism among more and more men. They recount with unconcealed hilarity on MENS BLOGS tales of all this and recently of already divorced / never married childless women with ticking biological clocks appearing bewildered on Oprah.

Eagerly the American women accept the explanations media feminism gives them “men are intimidated by strong independent women” or “men are afraid of commitment” or other such platitudes. I am constantly made aware of many young men who display keen awareness of the subtle, and not so subtle, hypocrisy and deceit they see all around
them. They assure me they know the score, and indeed they do and without doubt are opting out in their droves of relationships. Not forgetting futile careers which sponsor merely the amassing of a surfeit of unnecessary material goods, and mortgage that is tantamount to legalised extortion. This too is feminism doing. I swear estate agents and feminists must have been in secret talks years ago. Dinkys anyone? I the ailing middle aged man find I am bemused at my own smug assumption I was in a minority who know whats really going on out there. The men, who remain witless and naive about the state of play, may find out the hard way unless the awakened masculistas share their real dismal stories with their fellow men.

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