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The Theatre of Lies

I was sitting in the theater not long ago, for the latest Harry Potter movie. I was set for the usual special effects, outrageous characters and high-paced action. Regrettably, we men shouldn’t go to theaters. Whilst practicing their defensive magic, Ronald and his girl friend Hermione squared off in a wizard show down. I immediately groaned, while the audience sat in rapt silence unsure of who would be the victor. Here’s a clue: it has to be the girl, it’s always the girl, go girl, and girl power and all that crap.

Of course Ronald, playing the typical man, advised Hermione that he would go easy on her. Double groan. Within a second he was flat on his back trying desperately to recover his ego as the femme fatal dropped him like a shopping bag. At this moment, almost half of the theater broke out in laughter and cries of delight they were all female voices naturally.

The same cries of laughter and delight were heard on previous occasion in which I dared look upon the dazzling light of the man-hating silver screen. I had caught on to how these Hollywood movies worked years ago the man gets kicked, punched, thrown to the grown and spat upon by some woman half his size in stilettos; still, I thought that this would be a safe bet Jurassic Park dinosaurs running around eating people how feminist-indoctrinated could that be? Extremely.

Jeff Goldblum makes the statement, “God creates dinosaurs, god destroys dinosaurs, god creates man, man destroys god, man creates dinosaurs…” To which his costar responds: “Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth…” The theater broke out in estrogen at that moment, and I remember how sick I felt that women would behave this way. It was an eerie feeling, like the sinking suspicion that something terribly wrong was about to happen, or that we had all been lied to… kind of like the feeling a fish must have when it bites into that juicy worm at the end of a barbed hook.

Watching T.V. is out too. The number of male-bashing programs and commercials are too numerous to even mention. McDonald’s lost me as a customer when they put out a commercial in which the guy fumbles through his bag looking for a toy after eating his chicken bites and his girlfriend looks at him with sad condescending eyes and says, “there is no toy”. Burger King lost me when they ran a commercial with the father having a bath out in the open. He places a sponge on top of his head and stands up: “Guess who I am honey?” (the wife provides that same condescending look), “I’m SpongeBob no Pants”. Now Wendy’s has a cartoonized commercial with a man running around in poney tails. Will the degredation ever end? I’m going to have to start making my own burgers!

Recently GM ran a Cadillac ad in which a dominant woman struts through the office while men cast their gaze downward. The Fem gets into the elevator with one of the men whose pen explodes running down his shirt pocket. On the way home in her Cadillac, (showing how she’s made it), she laughs hysterically at the image of this poor emasculated male.

Even young boys have no where to hide from the girl hate. T-shirts from Todd Goldman depict boys having their eyes poked out, rocks and knives thrown at them, and even their brains lobotomized. Captions include: “Boys are Stupid Throw Rocks at them”, “Chicks Rule”, “Boys Lie, Poke Em in the Eye”, “If boys are So Tough, Why are they So Afraid of Knives?” and “lobotomy, how to train boys”. The Canadian Children’s Rights Council filed a hate-crime complaint with the Toronto Police only to be told that “hatred against children was not an offence under the Criminal Code”. (National Post, May 29, 2004).

These shirts are absolutely despicable. As many young boys who were interviewed noted, this would never be allowable if the t-shirts made similar statements about young girls. Young boys learn early on who the privileged class is.

Feminists have long alleged that only men are sexist, but they have a long history of proving otherwise. True advocates of equality would not ignore issues like these as feminism has. In truth, feminism advocates “girl power” and man hatred, not equality.

The interesting thing about living under a matriarchy is that it never comes out and acknowledges its own control. Rather, it continually asserts that what we live in a patriarchy, even though everything we see and hear in popular culture is distinctly anti-male. Feminists bemoan how badly women have it, even as young boys flunk out of school and young men disappear at universities across the country, flaunting outdated statistics and outright lies to further their privileged victim status. Then they tell us how stupid we are and throw rocks at us…

Never was such outright hatred directed at women not even in the heydays of ‘supposed’ patriarchy, when marriage was for life, children had values and didn’t run around killing each other, and principles actually meant something.

Men need to wake up, turn off their TVs, stop going to movies and make lists of products that they simply won’t buy. When we vote, we need to support parties which DON’T support radical feminism with our tax dollars (like the Conservatives for example who cut their funding for the first time in decades ), to the sound of much whining from the feminist camp and who don’t support forced gender quotas for election candidates (a direct violation of democracy). I specifically name the Conservatives here, not because I’m biased, (which is patently true), but because they’re the only party to directly challenge feminist hegemony in this country – ever.

Feminists represent only one gender, completely ignoring the plight of young boys and men that’s not equality. We need to give them a wake up call and turn the lights on in this theatre of lies.

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