Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Thoughts on marriage and Divorce.

What Happened to the Males afterwards ? And What Happened to Females afterwards?

1.. In which Case went to court for long trials ending up in Divorce by Mutual Consent. (I do beleive it is never mutual, It is always forced by either or both parties, after facing such situation that they forced the decesion on other party)

2.. In case where 498A VICTIM (I think thats the appropriate word for majority of the cases) due to some reasons decided to pay off the money.
What happened to Life after that? I don’t think without mariage there is no life. I always beleived, Show must go on. Life is very precious, not of all our dear ones but of every human being. But once a person get married and goes thru this mental trauma of 498A (If falsely accused- more than 90% cases are such) life is never the same. Life is never remained the same. It leaves a deep scar on your mind which does not get healed so easily. Once bitten twice shy.

I beleived in Personal and domestic relations if something is going wrong it has to be sorted out mutually, if it fails theu expert counselling and no way Police and Law should be involved in general marriage dispute. Once a criminal case is filed. Once criminal case is filed, these lawmakers are making people more aggressive by nature filled with vengenance. Either we become shy to get into such relation again or we become what we actually are not, just because of revengeful feelings. I aggree that this thing is actually spoiling the Institute of marriage. I also think, addition to this, they are provoking few innocents to take up law in their hands in case justice is not done. I think this is double impact on society towards the downfall.

What I always beleived was Instead of giving powers to Police personal (Who are trained to handle criminals and not sensitive issues like relationships) to sort out matters, powers should be given to Agencies (registered) comprising of panels of Sociologists, Relationship analysts and Psychologist and Psychiatrists. These people should analyse the case and should submit the report after a certain stipulated time.

For dowry related criminal offences – Instead of passing such laws, why laws cannot be passed in which they make it mandatory the presence of authorised person to be present in each marriage, Prepare a report how much expenses were made from both sides, dowry was there or just gifts. With each application of Marriage registeration, this report should be submitted.

These are just the few basic ideas which comes to my mind (probably stupid ideas), but I thought I should share it with you all, may be if something concrete can be deduce and some more intelligent person can give a solid shape to these and present with various lawmakers and feminist group to consider the ideas, showing that this is not gender specific fight but fight against injustice.

I beleive that by forcing law, in no history I have seen that society was improved. Society was changed by revolutions in terms of awareness, education and setting up high moral values. Just by bringing Police and Law into personal relations, relationship can be forced but the basic bond in each relations always get broken which is trust.

These are the few thoughts which came to my mind.


Hemant Kumar

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