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Why No UN MEN ? Men’s Rights are human rights too

In today’s world “The Men’s Rights” is UTOPIA, not a Manifesto of Manhood falls under the premise of equal justice for men, women, Transgenders and or animals alike, but in which case it is necessary to acknowledge men separately from women due to men being exempt from getting equal rights, equal justice, equal government facilities, equal benefits, equal say or acquiring an equal status to women or even considered to acknowledge as human because in India we have dedicated Ministry for Women and Animals but there is no ministry set up for men, and even UN has setup a separate union for Women but failed to setup such entity for the protection of Men in the World. As a result, this no rights were given to Men or any specific privileges given to men, considering these facts Men are considered to be a third-class slaves in the society and Women are considered to be above men. Both feminists, Women organisations, chivalrous fail to provide any distinction in support or consideration of men due to extreme patriarchal biasness and misandry (Male hatred), demeaning men as disposable pawns for women.

Men are born free and remain free and equal in rights, these social distinctions are only in books but, it’s a taboo in society too. The aim of every political organisation, ministers, and politicians uplift of women only, in India it’s called Beti Bachao, its only vote bank. The preservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man is just name sake, and getting justice for many is far away dream.

As 30 universal declaration of human rights or 30 basic human rights, including rights to life, rights to education, rights to organize, rights to treated fair among others and rights, liberty, property, security/protection, equality, Justice, and resistance to oppression. The 30 universal human rights also cover up freedom of opinion, expression, thought and religion but none of them are available for most of the men in this realistic World, its only in the books of UN mandate.

The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR or the Covenant) protects human rights that are fundamental to the dignity of every person. In particular, Article 3 of this Covenant provides for the equal right of men and women to the enjoyment of the rights it articulates. but question is any of these available to Men? Even most of the Law makers, Politicians are Men, they only favour Women or make laws, rules only for women. if anyone says India is patriarchal then we have simple question,

Where is the dedicated ministry for men?
How many laws are available for men compares to Women?
Why no reservation/quota/freebies/schemes for men equal to women?

Many Companies/workplaces don’t have reservation for men, and they are not offering extended parental leave or flexible hours, freebies, and perks to male members in their organization or workplaces. Men are not getting any support compared to women by Government, there are no special schemes to empower them, they are let their own as Indian Society think man can do anything because they look physically strong, and macho looks and also they are less likely to seek professional help or talk about their problems with friends or family. Men are more likely to commit suicide compared to Women.

India has a high suicide rate, with around 71% male and 29% female accounting for total number of suicide deaths in the country in 2020, said the latest report prepared by health ministry on National Suicide Prevention Strategy. WHO’s Southeast Asia Regional Strategy on suicide prevention, indicating that more than one lakh Men lives are lost every year to suicide in our country. 164,033 Indians committed suicide in 2021, The male-to-female suicide ratio in 2021 was 72.5: 27.4. but no media dare report this correctly and fairly in there reports and they only focused on the women death which is lower in rate as compared to men.

Man is a social animal, he has needs, dreams, feelings, and desires just like women but there is biasness from childhood, School, Education, workplace, employment, family and marriage. Men only to pay Tax and fight enemy on border but no support from society or government. Education, training, and employment reserved for women only not for men, 95% of child custody goes to Women, man always forced to pay alimony/maintenance even marriage is 1 hour old, not or his fault or no domestic violence, women will take his half of the property just because she is married to him.

Why Men rights are not human rights? we agree its vote bank for Indian Politicians to promote Beti Bachao but what stops UN to make UN MEN? why there is no entity in UN or Men. that makes UN is under influence of feminists or Most Men in UN are henpecked, and head of all bias.

It is very unfortunate that United Nations has adopted Gender-biased approach. While it is accepted fact that in today’s world Men have become vulnerable due to various policy frameworks and biased legal approach of countries. Now no. of women graduates are more in developed countries as compared to Men graduates. Men are being silenced at all platforms of international importance. When it comes to gender violence, India like countries have very selective approach where Domestic violence act, Dowry prohibition act, Sexual harassment acts all are made keeping in view as men criminal. United nations like international organisations have failed to recognise domestic abuse of men. We believe in humanity and all else comes under human rights. United nations must adopt gender neutral initiatives. Where men victims should also be facilitated and helped to come out from toxic environments. because Men’s rights are human rights too.

Authors: Rudolph dsouza, Nikhil suri, Deepak Kumar Delhi.

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