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Women Reservation – Future of India

Today government of India has done a disaster in India by passing women reservation bill and I am highly worried as this bill could result in catastrophe of events which could even result in India becoming Taliban state of women

This is Ultimate Goal of feminists and sooner than later they will control Government and make all laws in their Favor.

few days back CJI N.V.RAMANA called for 50% reservation for women in judiciary. but no feminists is demanding 50% in sewage cleaner, high risk jobs, dirty jobs or frontline on border for women.

Soon you will see these situations and laws in India.

1. After 33% seats reserved for women I strongly believe that more laws will be gender biased and we could see 10000 times more frustration than current levels. May be you can see death sentence under section 498A, Domestic violence act and in other women centric laws.

2.If we see Vedic History before 6th century India was flourishing in every aspect but control of power was not handed over to them directly. Now this thing is going to change the role of women completely. Now Concept of Mother, Father, Sister will be a thing of past. The males have to forget this concept of family.

3.The Indian women will become more and more like dictator in nature and this will result in total control of whole Society. Indian males especially who are married should be ready to get finished against whom case against domestic violence act, section 498a, dowry act, should be ready themselves to get hang to death. There will be total discrimination against males.

4.Death sentence against 498a,dowry act, not dowry death,498a in near future.

5.Women contribution in the growth of Country is very less as history says, coz majority scientists/doctors/engineers even chefs are men, so this reservation will slow down growth of India.

6. Now continuous measures to make marriage laws more stringent by women activists controlled from abroad will result in high level of frustration and could result in society as a whole like tsunami.

7. Total discrimination against men will result in total underdevelopment.

8. Remember that there exists a basic difference between Indian and western women that is Indian women are not as matured as western women. Under these circumstances I see a strong possibility of India becoming a state like Afghanistan but with women Taliban.

9.Breakdown in Family system. Fatherless Children and 10 fold Divorces

10.Indian society will be full of illegitimate children and India will be bastard Nation soon no doubt, coz husband has no right to question his wife where she goes with whom she sleeps, as per law that amounts in mental harassment.

11.As there is Reservation to women, so more women will start working and after Sexual harassment at work place bill, more innocent men will end up in jail for no reason.

12.As there are no Laws to support even Innocent men, for sure fed up with Law, they will take arm against women. when there are no options left.

13.If Husband is working his salary will go directly to his wife Account, and for sure this law will enacted in no time.

14.DNA test on married couple will be Banned, so no one will find out with whom women slept with or who fathered the Child.

15.Man has to pay maintenance, to all the children who born when he is married to the women, even Children’s are not his.

16.Raise of unemployment among men that leads to crime. or more men will commit suicide.

17.After all this Feminists knows men will revolt against them soon, when Society and government total against them, they will castrate all male child as soon as born, they can give excuse saying that will reduce sexual crimes in society and whole world will believe.

18.Every small village of India will soon get sperm banks and selected healthy men are employed to just to donate Sperms and any women can buy Sperms and with IUI/IVF they can get pregnant and such women will get government grant to raise children.

19.Man has to give Dowry and its punishable under law but taking it not Punishable.

20.As law thinks Every word of women is Truth, and there will new law to support it, She can change her statement at any time as circumstances forced her to change so women is Innocent always.

21.No Reservation to those women who has no Girl child and there will zaziya like tax on all such women.

22.If a women want to marry a man and he has no right to say no, that’s mental Cruelty and he will be charged with Criminal case.

23.women can kidnap and rape a man, it’s not crime.

24.Under marital Rape, as a punishment husband will be castrated and women can bring home other man, as husband is unable to satisfy his wife. and that’s legal.

25.Man cann`t transfer his Property to same Gender and women cann’`t transfer to Other gender.

26.and last one, all boys under 18 should wear girls cloths in the name of equality and women can say they raised all her children equally or saree if he do not want to get marry.

More to come……

Feminists want reservations only in White collar, Blue Collar easy money making jobs, and not risky dirty jobs. they are not ready to take responsibilities, they want to reap where they do not sow. that’s what feminists want, and all this granted by henpecked Feminists Men.

10 thoughts on “Women Reservation – Future of India

  1. Point No.4, they wont want men to die, instead their intention is to enslave and drain him economically and snatch his freedom. Rather than seeking death sentence they would seek enrichmnet and maintenance for the entire woman’s family till his death. They want unpaid slaves to misuse and abuse.

  2. point 21- No tax zaziya on woman, her husband will be taxed heavily.
    point 15 is already applicable now.

  3. I think we should wait and watch the end of present India. This is the peak time for some women to enjoy. Let them do that. We should wait see their fall. Without hard work if somebuddy goes up with the help of reservation, it impossible to stick to that position for a long time. They will make mistakes and present India will end to give birth a new India in near future. It will come soon. Wait and watch.

    Thanks and Regards

  4. mens ministry should be immediately formed to look after mens welfare otherwise men has to become a terrorist against legaL terrorists to survive since government is not ready support innocent men.
    to face a female taliban in india men has to helplessly become a terrorist there is no other way he is in total darkness in life.

  5. I believe there is always a limit. If hard pressed against the wall men will surely fight back in the best way they can i.e violence. The days are not far when we can hear outfits fighting and bombing targets for the cause of gender equality. I think the feminist will have to pay a heavy price for this tomorrow. I am open to equality but not for suppression.

  6. I think we men also should request for 33% or else the entire country will go for a mess. Mens ministry should also be formed so that there is someone to hear about men’s concern. Very soon these people wil say that there should 33% reservation on air on breathing air for women , 33% reservation on water in rivers/seas etc….why they need reservation , why cant they prove that they are capable , who is stopping them from entering into parliament ..

  7. in the socity mostly men compared with dog and women compared with cat. you imaging if the cat crowed around you what is going to happen.

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