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Yahoo… Let’s Flirt and Gossip

From the Attention Whore’s Play Book (link found at bottom of page):

Chapter 1, Section A: “I want my partner to flirt”

One afternoon while having coffee with a friend, I explained how I not only encourage my partner to flirt, I teach him the fine art of flirting. Perplexed, she asked why on earth would I teach my partner to flirt. Fair question with a super-easy answer: I trust him 110 percent.

100 percent would do, but dont let me stop you exaggerating for effect.

Ever since my partner emerged out of his I-can’t-look-at-any-other-woman box with the freedom to flirt, he feels better about himself. …. He feels and acts sexy. He is more fun to be around.

Innocent flirting, to me, is like window shopping. It is the catalyst to get a spark going in a relationship. To successfully take a healthy relationship over the long term, I strongly believe everyone should flirt. Flirt with each other, flirt with other people, and allow other people to flirt with you. It creates such great “happy couple” energy.

Jealousy indicates there is excitement.

Was it good for you? How about a fag?

A mutual agreement about what is acceptable and unacceptable in your relationship. Which means you must decide what flirting means to you, and communicate this to each other.

Before marriage or after it, for if you talk this way before the second stage doesnt come to be. One shouldnt flirt to be an Attention Whore and find something else to do with your life, so you dont need to make the party rounds in the endless desire to keep your options open and your petty backstabbing skills sharp. Men tolerate this BS to get laid, but only manginas, fags and men (thinking of leaving the little socialite) would do this dollhouse game of dress up.

Start out with baby steps. For example, at a party, flirt only while your partner is present. Next level, your partner is across the room but in view.

What other watching would you have me do next? Hmm…different strokes for different folks. How about just talking dirty at home…”whore, slut, bitch.”

You know you have reached the flirting pinnacle when you can look at your partner flirting and having a wonderful time with someone else and feel happy for him or her.

She assumes men just love flirting and wouldnt prefer to just dispense with this BS to get on to sex, and then let the curtain coming down on the show to find out what really lies behind the make-up, plucked eyebrows, dyed hair, and polite small talk to see if there is a honorable women behind it all, who really hates all this crap too. Fat chance these days for modern Attention Whores just love all this stuff more than the wild thing itself. They then think they are some kind of lady (later switch to Cleopatra) a real bit of a stretch… well maybe for the legs.

Allowing the things attention whore women love these days like: going to parties to talk frivolously, trying to stay hip as one becomes some new kind of hippie (who is surprised at the new it girl or song). Or flirting with manginas to get them excited so you can then let them down hard as you go home with some handsome silent horny man who ignored your BS (and thus becomes the hard one to catch), is all very boring after you get out of high school, unless of course you are western women, or a guy (or bloke) that didnt get any in high school.

When the mainstream media start peddling such effeminate drivel one wonders how far we are from the total collapse of any kind of stable marriage advice. Will we look back on Ann Landers as trying to find some kind of balance or will Ophra be considered a moderate in a generation or so. I think Vodoo Jocks does it better, makes me said for the reeeest. Nobody, does iiiit, half as good as you do, baby youre the beeeeest. I wasnt lookin but some how you found meeee, why you have to be so gooooood.

Sorry my female mangina side came out of nowhere there, when I mentioned the Vodoo man I became like a little girlie man.

Here is some real advice: Talk to people logically about interests that dont involve what you do to find someone. Dont flirt at all and talk to the ugly guy that would have bored you before when you where hunting for a mate, and try and learn something from him (wow what a thought!). When you feel the boring sign start flashing, say to yourself this is the kind of stuff that made men better than animals.

Here is the article in all its twisted glory:

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