My Photo.
Name Rudolph [ Rudo / Alfh Bin Joseph Al Souza ]
Date of Birth 31st July Every Year
Education Degree [ My Parents Sent me to the College ]
Hight 5.11 [ If I Standup ]
Weight 70 [ When i Last checked ]
Hair Colour Still Black [ Unfortunatly (Some Grey[Sign Of WISDOM] ]
Eye Colour Brown [ Depends on Situation ]
Status Now Single
1st Married to Books
2nd Married to Tv
3rd Married To Computers.
My Favorite.
Favorite Fruit JackFruit.
Favorite Drink Water [ Sorry I do not drink Alcohol ]
Favorite Season Winter [ If Hot Shower available ]
Favorite pasttime Sleeping [ Alone ]
Favorite Colour Black/Red/Blue/Yellow/Brown [ Is there any other colours..? ]

My Self.

My Weakness Tears.
Best Friend Computer.
My Job Working with My Best friend. [ System Administrator ]
Best Time When Power goes off.
Hate Most My Other Half.
Love Most Myself.
My Hobbies.
Hobbies Cooking [Do not Laugh ]i can eat that.]
Reading [If Books available]
Singing [I`m a Bathroom singer]
TV. [My Second Wife ]
Movies [SciFi / Comedy / Action(BED)]
Music . [Which Language is this...?]
Stamp Collection [Last Stamp i posted yesterday]
Coin Collection [I paid My bills]
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Rudo / Alfh Bin Joseph Al Souza.