INDIA – 1852, 1/2a blue Scinde Dawk stamp – worth US.$.28,342

1/2a blue Scinde Dawk stamp

Scinde, the British spelling of the name of the province of Sindh, Indian princely states and “Dawk”, the anglicised spelling of the Hindustani word “Dak” or Post.

One of the rarest classics of philately, ½ Anna Scinde Dawk was issued first, on July 1, 1852. They were often used as a seal/Wax seal, many were destroyed after the letters were opened. The red stamps were issued first, the blue examples were released later. These stamps are found in several shades of blue. Shortly after their release, the Scinde Dawks were withdrawn from use. A very rare unused example of Dawk 1/2 anna Blue, with excellent embossing and large margins, natural inclusion spot at second N of “ANNA”, was sold for $28,342 by David Feldman on May 19, 2011.

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