ICELAND – 1883, 10a red carmine “I Gildi” overprinted in black – worth US.$.8,512

Iceland - 1883, 10a red carmine "I Gildi" overprinted in black

10a red carmine with a black overprint is one of the Crowned Numeral Iceland stamps that were overprinted and re-issued in 1902 and 1903. With the release of the King Christian IX portrait definitives, the Crowned Numeral type stamps were no longer valid for postal use so various denominations of the Crowned Numerals were overprinted “Í GÍLDI / ’02 – ’03” meaning “VALID / 1902 – 1903”. 10a red carmine “I Gildi” Overprinted in Black is truly unique, as less than 100 copies were produced and this rarity was sold for $8,512 by Postijonen in October, 2016.

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