U S A – 1869, 15c Landing of Columbus stamp – worth US.$.150,000

15c Landing of Columbus stamp

The Landing of Columbus is a copy of a famous painting by John Vanderlyn that depicts the historical arrival of the Spanish expedition to the shores of the New World. Columbus and his crew reached the previously unknown land in 1492. 15c Landing of Columbus stamp designed in blue and brown, 15c Landing of Columbus stamp features an unusual double-printed vignette, with both normal and inverted printing applied. This interesting item has a G grill common for the 1869 pictorial issue and is available with double or split grill. An unused inverted sample goes for $275,000. The block of six 15c Landing of Columbus stamps that was part of a famous William Gross collection was sold for $150,000 by Robert A Siegel in October, 2018.

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