SOUTH AFRICA – Cape of Good Hope Stamp – worth US.$.65,000.00

Cape of Good Hope Stamp

Issued in 1853, the Cape of Good Hope stamp is the first postage stamp in the Cape of Good Hope, and even in the whole of Africa. It firstly came out in the forms of 1- and 4-pennies, and the stamp with two other face values was issued two years later.

The stamp sports a triangular shape, so that even the illiterate could tell that it was not a stamp from another country, although many other countries have issued triangular stamps since then. Its design is a female figure sitting on top of an anchor, which is resting on top of a rock, symbolizing the Cape. The stamp was designed by Surveyor General Charles Bell and printed by Messrs. Perkins, Bacon & Co., a famous printer of books, bank notes and postage stamps.

Very rare copies of the stamp have survived today. In the world-famous Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, the value of a single Cape of Good Hope stamp is about US$40,000.

1a.S.G. #14a, 1861 4p Pale grey blue “Wood Block”, a showpiece unused pair, to our knowledge the only unused pair of the 4p “Wood Block” in the Pale grey shade in existence, quite fresh overall, rich color, full margins on three sides, just touching on the fourth, minute thinning, still very fine; one of the great rarities of the Cape Triangle issues and one of the most important classic multiples in the world; 1982 BPA certificate (which is no longer present); ex-Ferrary, Burrus, “Maria de a Queillerie”, Sir Maxwell Joseph, “Salisbury” and Indhusophon (Scott #9a; $70,000.00)

SOLD for $65,000.00

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