MAURITIUS – 1847, Post Office Mauritius – worth US.$.1.67 million

Mauritius “Post Office” stamp

Post Office Mauritius is an error postal stamp issued in Mauritius.

In September 1847, Lady Gomm, Mauritius’ governor’s wife, invited friends and celebrities to a ball. For the convenience of sending out the invitations, the Mauritius Post Office issued a set of stamps designed by Joseph Barnard, following the pattern of British stamps. However, the words of “Post Office” instead of “Post Paid” were engraved on the copper plate of the stamp, which produced a big mistake. A total of 240 pieces of this stamp were sold before the error was noticed.

Post office Penny blue recently became the top selling rarest stamp in the UK when it fetched up to £1 million at Spink Auctioneers in London. The Scott World Catalogue shows that the current value for the Mauritius 2 penny blue stamp is one-seven million US dollars.

There are only 26 known pieces of the Post Office Mauritius stamps that have survived to this day, including several 14 one-penny and 12 two-penny pieces. In 2011, a blue two-penny Post Office Mauritius was auctioned off for 1.05 million pounds (US$1.67 million) in the UK.

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