USA – 12c Black (3) 37c Prussian Closed Mail cover to St Petersburg, Russia, SOLD for $3,000.00

12c Black (3) 37c Prussian Closed Mail cover

Three singles, mostly close margins, with 1c Benjamin Franklin Blue blue Type IV (9), on folded cover, tied by Philadelphia circular datestamp, to William Winans at Alexandrovsky, St Petersburg, Russia, manuscript “Via Prussian Closed Mail” at upper left, red boxed “Aachen 26/2 / Franco” handstamp overtop, manuscript “14” credit marking and blue “f3” transit fee notation, typical filing folds, a lovely example illustrating this scarce rate.Lots 27, 28, and 35 are ex-Winans correspondence. William Louis Winans was a noted railway pioneer, who, with his brother, traveled to Russia to equip the new railway linking St. Petersburg and Moscow, establishing locomotive workshops in Alexandrovsky. He remained in Russia until 1862, later settling in London until his death.

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