USA – 24c Carmine Rose & Blue, Center Inverted “Jenny” Plate Block – worth US.$.2,700,000

The Inverted "Jenny" Plate Block

24c Carmine Rose & Blue, Center Inverted (C3a). Positions 87-88/97-98, block of four with bottom sheet margin and blue vignette plate number “8493”, fresh original gum, rich colors on bright paper, extraordinarily choice centering, light natural diagonal flat-plate printing creases and small natural paper inclusion in upper right stamp

Discovered and acquired by William T. Robey at the New York Avenue post office in Washington D.C. on May 14, 1918. Ex Edward H. R. Green, Amos Eno, B. D. Phillips and the Weill Brothers of New Orleans. Featured in the “Aristocrats of Philately” exhibits at Anphilex 1971 (New York City) and Interphil 1976 (Philadelphia). With 1989 P.F. certificate.

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