USA – 4c Brown, Imperforate, Schermack Ty. III Private Perforation – worth US.$.180,000

4c Brown, Imperforate, Schermack Ty. III

Lightly hinged, rich color and proof-like impression, choice centering with full Schermack perfs at both sides which completely clear the design
This stamp comes from the ex-Lilly strip of five, which was cut into two pairs and one single by Jack E. Molesworth after it appeared in the 1985 Rarities sale. We shall refer to the stamps in that strip as #’s 1-5. Stamp #1 was cut as a single and is described in the 1985 Rarities sale as having slight margin thinning. This single is hinged, although we erroneously reported it as Mint N.H. in our earlier census report. The pair comprising #2-3 was sold as part of the Zoellner collection in 1998, and soon after was divided into the Mint N.H. single (#2) and hinged single offered here (#3). The pair comprising #4-5 is also offered in this sale (lot 389).

Ex Koslowski, Schmalzreidt, Col. Edward H. R. Green and Lilly as part of a strip of five, and ex Zoellner as the right stamp in a pair. Census No. 314A-OG-15. With 1985 and 1998 P.F. certificates as pairs and 1999 P.F. certificate as a single.

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