USA – 10c Yellow, Coil, Mint N.H – worth US.$.32,500

10c Yellow, Coil, Mint N.H

10c Yellow, Coil . Mint N.H guide line pair, unusually wide margins, vibrant color

According to Johl (Volume 1, page 181), only 10,000 of the 10c Washington coil stamp were issued. They were made especially for a New York firm to send out advertising samples, similar to the 3c Orangeburg coil. Only a few rolls were sold to the firm, and the remaining rolls were distributed to some of the large post offices across the country. Dealers acquired several rolls, but because most contemporary collectors did not collect coils, many were used and destroyed.

Our computerized records encompass fourteen years of auctions. In that time we have offered in Mint N.H. condition only four singles, three pairs (including the single and pair offered in this sale) and the following guide line multiples of Scott No. 356: 1) Mint N.H. guide line strip of four, ex Zoellner (Sale 804, lot 560); 2) Mint N.H. guide line pair, ex Silver Lake (Sale 866, lot 206), also offered in Sale 937; and 3) the guide line pair offered here, last offered in Sale 956 (lot 343).

With 2006 P.F. certificate (F-VF 75) and 2008 P.F. certificate

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