USA – 2c Red, Ty. I, Coil – worth US.$.24,000

2c Red, Ty. I, Coil

Mint N.H. joint line pair, brilliant color and detailed impression, choice centering

Type I rotary press stamps were produced using the same master dies as had been used for flat plate printings. However, due to the curve of the plate to fit the rotary press, the impressions lacked some of the details of the flat plate printings. New dies were made with strengthened lines, resulting in the Type II stamps. After plate wear was noticed, further strengthening was necessary, resulting in the Type III stamps. Scott 449 was not produced until almost a year and a half after the Type I horizontal coil, Scott 453. Due to the unpopularity of vertical coils, this Type I stamp was in production for only a short period of time before being discontinued.

With 1997 P.F. certificate

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