USA – 2c Deep Rose, Ty. Ia, Imperforate – worth US.$.110,000

2c Deep Rose, Ty. Ia, Imperforate

Deep rich color on bright white paper, full Schermack perforations on both sides with those at left completely intact, neat machine cancel, wide margins, completely sound

Scott 482A, like its more famous predecessor, Scott 314A, was issued imperforate by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and sold to the Schermack Company for use in its patented stamp-affixing machines. The Schermack “Sealer and Stamper” machine typically applied stamps one at a time, and, in most cases, the hyphen-hole perfs on one side would be cut off. Unlike Scott 314A, the release of imperforate sheets printed from the experimental Type Ia plates escaped the notice of contemporary collectors, and, therefore, this stamp has a very small survival rate.

Schermack Type III stamps are often cut into the design by the oblong perforations or miscut with one side of the perforated margin missing. This problem for collectors, which meant very little to contemporary users of the stamps, resulted from two consecutive events. First, the sheets were perforated with the Schermack holes, creating an opportunity for misalignment between the stamps. Second, when the strip of stamps was fed through the Schermack affixing machine, the cutting blade did not always align with the space between stamps.

Census No. 482A-CAN-14. With 1968 and 1999 P.F. certificates.

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