USA – 1917, Washington, 2c Rose, Ty. I, A.E.F. Booklet Pane – worth US.$.13,000

2c Rose, Ty. I, A.E.F. Booklet Pane

Position W8, Mint N.H., deep rich color and detailed impression, wide margins at right and bottom, a mix of centering as is typical of genuine examples of this difficult booklet pane

The A.E.F. booklet panes were issued in September 1917, primarily for use by the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War I. Only 3,000 panes were prepared of both the 1c and 2c denominations. By October they were no longer needed, as Congress voted to allow mail to be sent free of charge by active members of the Armed Forces. Many of the panes were destroyed. The only other Mint N.H. pane sold by us was part of the Zoellner collection in 1998.

With 1998 P.F. certificate

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