SWITZERLAND – 1845, Basel Dove stamp – worth $109,878

1845, Basel Dove stamp

Basel Dove is the world’s first tri-color stamp issued by Switzerland in 1845. During this period in Swiss history, each canton issued their stamps. This issue is unique as it is the first in various ways: it is the only stamp issued by the Canton of Basel, the first item to combine engraving and embossing, and it was the first stamp to depict a bird.
Created by the architect Melchoir Berry, Basel Dove features three colors: blue, crimson, and black. However, such a design wasn’t appreciated by the local populace and was soon withdrawn. Nowadays, the Basel Dove is considered to be one of the most beautiful classical stamps in the world. A «dream pair» of these exceptional items was sold by Rapp auction house at a price of $109,878 on 26th November, 2014.

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