SWITZERLAND – 1850, 10-rappen Rayon II stamp – worth $89,807

1850, 10-rappen Rayon II stamp

1850 10-rappen yellow with complete frame around the cross is exceedingly scarce, unlike its similar counterpart with no frame around the center cross in the design. This bright item printed on Yellowish (shades), wove paper was issued October 1, 1850. The variety, with complete frame lines, is really unique, with only a couple authenticated examples being known. The yellow 1850 Rayon II 10 rappen was issued for letter postage beyond the cantonal borders and for nationwide use. This issue later became valid for letter communication beyond Switzerland when the new Swiss Federal post signed postal agreements with foreign postal authorities, especially the German-Austrian-Postal-Union (GAPU). The finest specimen of this remarkable stamp was auctioned for $89,807 at Rapp auction in November, 2008.

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