1850, 2½ rappen Winterthur stamp

SWITZERLAND – 1850, 2½ rappen Winterthur stamp – worth $75,984

A bright Swiss stamp known as “Winterthur” was issued in 1850 by Zürich postal administration. The item with a 2½ Rappen value was released to pay reduced postage for local mail in the important towns of the cantons Zürich, Zug, Schaffhausen and Thurgau. An unusual feature of this item is the ornamental design placed between the stamp subjects. The issue also features the Swiss federal cross and a posthorn. This philatelic item was in use for a very short time, as the Federal local appeared generally throughout Switzerland on April 5, 1850. A set of two Winterthur stamps in a very fine condition was sold by Rapp auction house at a price of $75,984 in November, 2014.

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