SWITZERLAND – 1854, 5-rappen blue stamp – worth $16,000

1854, 5-rappen blue stamp

Swiss 5-rappen blue from 1854 is one of the most unusual stamps in Swiss postal history. The items issued within this series are also known as the Strubels. They got such a nickname because from the olive wreath on the head of the allegorical Sitting Helvetia figure depicted on them. Her frizzy, unkempt appearance is reminiscent of the title character in Der Struwwelpeter (“Shockheaded Peter”), a somewhat horrific collection of 19th-century German stories about misbehaving children.
It is known in philatelic circle that the 5r value was actually issued in various shades of brown. However, there are 24 examples of Swiss 5-rappen stamps that were printed in blue. These items have an error of colour. One of such specimens was offered by Heinrich Koehler Auctions in September, 2016. The stamp fetched $16,000.

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