SWITZERLAND – 1849, Vaud 4 stamp – worth $14,000

1849, Vaud 4 stamp

Vaud 4 stamp is one of the key rarities of early Switzerland, with a few superb examples being incredibly challenging to locate. The 4-centime stamp labeled “Local Taxes” was intended for letters within a city, while the 6-centime item labeled “Cantonal Taxe” used for letters abandoned and delivered in the Canton of Zurich. The reason why the stamp is called the “Vaud 4” is unknown. But some philatelists explained it by the fact that it was used in Geneva and the district of Nyon in Canton Vaud. The stamp was issued in sheets of 100, but the total number of items that was printed is also unknown. It was made obsolete in a year due to the December 1849 currency law, thus making Vaud 4 really scarce. One of the finest examples of this great philatelic item was sold for $14,000 by Robert A. Siegel on 13 May, 2000.

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