SWITZERLAND – 1932, William Tell 20c pair – worth $4,130

1932, William Tell 20c pair

William Tell is a folk hero of Switzerland, whose legendary exploits were first recorded in a late 15th century Swiss chronicle. Many early Swiss stamps of the 20th Century picture this famous character or his son. Unperforated gutter pairs of the 20c carmine William Tell with grilled gum were unknown until 1989. The uncut booklet sheet was discovered by a Swedish technician when he was involved in studying the Swiss methods of coil and booklet production. Some 60 years later the sheet became available for sale in Sweden. Unfortunately, it had been stored so carelessly that five of the ten gutter pairs were destroyed. The best of the remaining five examples was sold for $4,130 by Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions in February, 2016. The pair offered at this auction was used to illustrate an article in the Swiss philatelic press at the time of the discovery.

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