ITALY – 1859, The Sicilian Error of Colour – worth $2,600,000

1859, The Sicilian Error of Colour

Sicily error of color is considered to be the most expensive Italian stamp. It is so valuable because of several reasons. First of all, it is error of color: originally it was yellow, but for some reason there was also a blue stamp, released in 1859. Today, only 2 such stamps remained in existence. They were exhibited first at the Manchester Philatelic Exposition in 1899. Then stamps were separated sometime before the private treaty sale in Italy of a portion of the Ferrary collection. The second reason that explains its rarity is that the stamp is very old, but was preserved in such a fine condition. Sicily error of color was sold for 1.8 million euros (that is, for about 2.6 million dollars) at Dreyfus sale on June 10, 2011. The auction house said the stamp was sold to an on-line bidder in the United States, who was described by a spokesman as “based in France”.

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