USA – 1c Green, Rotary, Perf 11 – worth $60,000

1c Green, Rotary, Perf 11

1c Green, Rotary, Perf 11 (594). Large part original gum described on accompanying certificate as part original gum, deep shade, choice centering for this difficult issue with perforations clear of the design on all four sides

The 1c Green, Scott 594, is waste from a horizontal rotary printing used to make coils. At the beginning or end of a coil-stamp print run from the 170-subject rotary plates, some leading or trailing paper was produced that was too short for rolling into 500-stamp rolls. In 1919 the Bureau devised a plan to salvage this waste by perforating and cutting the sheets into panes. They were put through the 11-gauge flat-plate perforator in use at the time, giving the sheets full perforations on all sides. The existence of Scott 594 was not reported until four months after the final sheets were delivered, and the 1c Rotary Perf 11 was soon recognized as one of the rarest United States stamps.

Our census of unused examples of Scott 594, based on the Levi and P.F. records, contains only 18 stamps. Among these there are only five sound stamps, including one with perforated initials of Crowell Publishing Co. of Springfield, Ohio, which some collectors regard as equivalent to a cancel. Of the four sound copies without perforated initials, only two have gum: Nos. 594-OG-01 and 594-OG-02. This stamp (594-OG-02) has perforations clear of the design on all sides, while the other is slightly in at right.

With 1937 A.P.S., 1982 and 1996 P.F. certificates

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