USA – 10c Ultramarine, Special Delivery – worth $5,250

10c Ultramarine, Special Delivery

10c Ultramarine, Special Delivery (E8). Mint N.H., brilliant color and proof-like impression on bright paper, mathematically perfect centering with Jumbo margins

The first “Messenger on Bicycle” Special Delivery design was the 1902 double-line watermarked Scott E6. In 1908 the “Helmut of Mercury” Special Delivery stamp was issued. However, the Messenger on Bicycle design was re-issued in 1911 from new plates with a single-line watermark, and the same basic design was issued continuously until the Motorcycle Delivery design replaced it in 1922.

Scott E8 is not particularly scarce (it has a Scott value of $240.00 in Mint N.H. condition), but to find an example such as this one defies the odds. At first glance it almost strikes one as a small die proof. The P.S.E. Population Report statistics support this statement, and a review of our auction records with Power Search provides visual confirmation. None of the stamps (singles or in blocks) in our database compare to this Mint N.H. Gem 100 Jumbo example.

With 1992 P.F. and 2008 P.S.E. certificates (Gem 100 Jumbo; unpriced in SMQ above the grade of 98, $2,600.00 as 98). This is the only example to have achieved this pinnacle of grades. No other examples have been graded above 98J

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