SPAIN – 1853, 2r vermilion stamp – worth $8,000

SPAIN - 1853, 2r vermilion stamp

1853 2 reales vermilion stamp is one of the key rarities of Spanish philately. It should be mentioned that there are no examples of 1853 2r vermilion stamp with gum. The paper that was used for printing 2 reales vermilion stamps was very fragile that is why it was necessary to remove the gum, as it otherwise ruined the paper. A fresh and very fine example of this delicate philatelic item, on very thin (pelure) white paper, featuring margins all around, deep and beautiful color, with 1974 Comex, 1991 Graus and 2010 Sismondo certificates, was auctioned by Cherrystone in September, 2012. This exquisite unused classic stamp in excellent condition fetched $8,000.

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