NORWAY – 1877, 3øre shaded Posthorn stamp – worth $4,617

NORWAY - 1877, 3 øre shaded Posthorn stamp

3 øre shaded Posthorn issued in 1877 is one of the first stamps from this well-known series and one of the most interesting varieties as it is shaded. The item is denominated in Norwegian Kroner (100 Øre = 1 Krone). It features sans-serif lettering, a crowned Post Horn with shaded rings, and the denomination numeral in the center. One of the brightest examples of this impressive Norwegian philatelic item printed on 20 mm paper from Bentse was sold by Kjell Germeten at its sale that took place in May, 2015. The stamp that is considered as one of Norway’s most unusual items fetched $4,617.

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