NORWAY – 1863, 8s rose stamp – worth $1,200

NORWAY - 1863, 8s rose stamp

8s rose stamp is an attractive and highly collectible Norwegian philatelic item. This is a definitive stamp that entered a postal circle in 1863. Designed in rose colour, it features Norwegian Coat of Arms – the “Norwegian Lion” and an axe handle long enough to be a halberd. The stamps within this issue were lithographed, perforated 14 1/2 x 13 1/2, and unwatermarked. One of the finest examples of 8s rose stamp, 1863 was sold by Robert A. Siegel in May, 2015. The lot was described as having “original gum, lightly hinged, attractive color, sharp impression for this issue”. The stamp in a very fine condition fetched $1,200.

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