AUSTRIA – 1850, 12kr Coat of Arms stamp – worth $103,500

AUSTRIA - 1850, 12kr Coat of Arms stamp

1850 12kr Coat of Arms is one of the greatest Austrian rarities that were never issued. The design of this item is made in blue and shows the double-headed eagle coat of arms. The 12kr blue was created, but not released. Just six examples of the 12kr are known to exist, all marked with cancels. One of these impressive items that have the ornate “Franco” experimental marking across the front was offered by Christoph Gärtner for $103,500 on May 30, 2016. This specimen was formerly in the collections of Thurocy, Baron Alfons de Rothschild, Leavitt J. Bulkley and of other famous philately enthusiasts. A 12kr stamp of the Austrian Empire arms design is exceedingly rare and will be definitely a worthy addition to even the most sophisticated collection.

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