AUSTRIA – 1850, 45c Lombardy Venetia stamp – worth $19,895

AUSTRIA - 1850, 45c Lombardy Venetia stamp

The five definitive Lombardy-Venetia stamps were issued in June 1850, with additional printings through 1857. 45c Grey Blue, type III is one of the scarcest of this issue that was presented by Austria Post in 1850. The printing is typographed on hand-made paper. The majority of these stamps are watermarked “K.K.H.M.” in large letters across the sheet, however, some items appear to be unwatermarked. Examples showing the sheet watermark are highly collectible. The common design features the Coat of Arms of Lombardy-Venetia. The stamps are inscribed “KKPOST / STEMPEL” or “Kaiserlich Konigliches Handels-Ministerium POST STEMPEL”, meaning “Imperial and Royal Ministry of Commerce Postage Stamp”. A fine copy of 45c Lombardy-Venetia stamp was sold for 17,000 EUR (or roughly $19,895) at David Feldman auction that took place in May, 2014.

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