SWEDEN – Treskilling Yellow – worth US.$.2,500,000

Sweden’s Treskilling Yellow

Sweden’s Treskilling Yellow, one of the world’s most valuable stamps, is back in the ownership of an eminent philatelist after years in the hands of dealers, investors and banks.

Count Gustaf Douglas, a Swedish nobleman and politician, bought the unique 1855 error of colour by private treaty in May, and included it in a display to the Royal Philatelic Society London on October 31 2013.

Deals surrounding the Treskilling Yellow have often shrouded in mystery in the years since 1996, when it set a world record for a stamp in being auctioned for $2.3m (more than £1.5m).

Recently, in 2013, the stamp was acquired in a private sale by Count Gustaf Douglas for $2,500,000.

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