ITALY – 1853, 9c Black on gray violet – SOLD for $2,400

ITALY - 1853, 9c Black on gray violet

1853 9c Black on gray violet, double impression, without gum as are all existing copies, an extraordinarily choice example of this rarity with large balanced margins showing the full dividing line at top, the impressions are strong and show the distinct doubling of the impression all over the design, the paper color is rich and the stamp is especially fresh, extremely fine; an incredibly rare variety that is not listed in Scott; the Sassone catalog value is for a stamp without gum as they do not exist with gum and it is noted there that only two examples exist without defects and two with faults, this being one of the two finest, if not the finest, examples known; signed E(milio) Diena, A. Diena and E(nzo) D(iena), plus accompanied by 1983 Enzo Diena certificate (Scott #PR2 var.).

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