AUSTRIA – 1858, 2kr Yellow Emperor Franz Josef stamp – worth $2,600

2kr yellow Emperor Franz Josef stamp was issued by Austria Post on November 1, 1858. It features the 28 year old Emperor Franz Josef I who was Emperor of Austria, … Read More

NORWAY – 1863, 8s rose stamp – worth $1,200

8s rose stamp is an attractive and highly collectible Norwegian philatelic item. This is a definitive stamp that entered a postal circle in 1863. Designed in rose colour, it features … Read More

U S A – 1851, 1c Benjamin Franklin stamp – worth US.$.375,000

1851 Benjamin Franklin is one of the oldest U.S. stamps. It is designed in blue color and features an imperforate frame. Today, only two mint samples and 100 used Benjamin … Read More

U S A – 1869, 24c Declaration of Independence stamp – worth US.$.625,000

This impressive stamp commemorates the historic proclamation of independence of the United States. On July 4th, 1776, thirteen American colonies that were involved in a bloody war with Great Britain … Read More

U S A – Benjamin Franklin 1C blue TY – worth US.$.120, 000

This specimen Benjamin Franklin 1C blue TY is a rare sound four-margin example one-cent issued in 1851 was sold for $120,000 by Robert A Siegel in October 2019

ICELAND – 1933, 1k-10k Hopflug Air Post overprint – worth US.$2,600

The first airmail issues that were actually inscribed “FLUGFRIMERKI” or “FLIGHT STAMPS” did not appear until 1934. 1k-10k Hopflug Air Post overprint was released on June 16, 1933. One of … Read More

INDIA – 1968, Triennale Art Exhibition error stamp – worth US.$.10,000

1968 Triennale Art Exhibition is a special Indian stamp issued on March 31, 1968 to mark the First Triennale – an event of major significance to artists in India and … Read More

BELGIUM – 1915, 5fr plum stamp – worth US.$.3,000

1915 5fr plum is a very interesting Belgium stamp that shows a portrait of King Albert I. Belgium 1915 5fr plum is one of the brightest of these issues. It … Read More

BELGIUM – 1916, East Africa occupation stamp – worth US.$.4,500

1916 East Africa occupation is one of the most striking Belgium occupation stamps. Used specimens are extraordinarily rare. In 1916, 5fr ocher & black with “Ruanda” handstamp and only few … Read More