CHINA – 1964, Theatrical Masks of the Beijing Opera stamp – Worth US.$121,009

Republic of China include a number of stamps that for one reason or another were prepared but not issued, and survive only in tiny numbers. One such case was a … Read More

CHINA – 1915, Hall of Classics invert stamp – Worth US.$160,000

Magnificent example of a rare and valuable Chinese invert issue. It is part of a lengthy set first issued in the form of a London printing in 1913. The 1913 … Read More

CHINA – 1980, Red Monkey stamp – Worth US.$184,000

1980 Red Monkey stamp is one of the most popular Chinese issues. It was released to celebrate the year of the Golden Monkey in 1980. Featuring a strong red background, … Read More

CHINA – 1941, The inverted Sun Yat-sen stamp – Worth US.$305,707

The inverted Sun Yat-sen stamps feature Sun Yat-sen issued in 1941, but only one sheet of fifty has inverted portraits. Nowadays only two pairs of this error are known to … Read More

CHINA – 1897, The Red Maiden in the Green Robe stamp – Worth US.$444,477

The Red Maiden in the Green Robe stamp is also known as a 2-cent small figure surcharged on red revenue stamps in green. The item was issued during the Qing … Read More

CHINA – 1878, Large Dragon stamp – Worth US.$498,849

Modern mail service started in 1878. The large dragon was perhaps China’s first ever stamp. Three stamps were issued that are collectively known as the “large dragons”. Different coloured dragons … Read More

CHINA – 1864, Olive-colored Queen Victoria’s Head – Worth US.$820,000

The olive-colored Queen Victoria’s head was issued in 1864 with the face value of 96 Hong Kong cents. Initially it should have been printed in a brownish-grey tone. But due … Read More

CHINA – The Red Maiden in the Green Robe – worth US.$.444,477

Nicknamed the Red Maiden in the Green Robe, the stamp is also known as a 2-cent Small Figure Surcharged on Red Revenue Stamps in Green. It is one of China’s … Read More

CHINA – The Whole Country is Red – worth US.$.474,197

The stamp that goes by the name of The Whole Country is Red, issued in 1968 during the Cultural Revolution, is a famous stamp with error printing. The stamp features … Read More

CHINA – Blue Military Stamp – worth US.$.428,654

Estimated value: US$428,654 The Blue Military Stamp is a blue stamp for military use in China. In 1953, a set of three stamps, in orange, brownish red and blue, were … Read More