ITALY – 1874, 1c Olive green without “Estero” overprint – worth $16,000

1874, 1c Olive green without "Estero" overprint

Italy did something with the general issues for the Offices in Levant that is quite unique. It was usual for other countries to apply the overprint to regular stamps, but Italy decided first to alter the designs of the stamps in small ways, print new items and only then apply the overprints. In such a way 1c Olive green stamp appeared. It featured little white squares with a dot in them. The rarity of this stamp is explained by the fact that its design was altered, but for some reason the item failed to receive an overprint. 1874 1c Olive green, without “Estero” overprint is a fantastically rare mint example of this very extraordinary Italian stamp issue. The item features an excellent centering with perforations well clear of the design all around, bright fresh color and in very fine condition. Very few examples of any of these are known. The specimen of this impressive philatelic issue was sold for $16,000 at Spink on January 29, 2008.

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