INDIA – 1968, Triennale Art Exhibition error stamp – worth US.$.10,000

1968 Triennale Art Exhibition is a special Indian stamp issued on March 31, 1968 to mark the First Triennale – an event of major significance to artists in India and … Read More

INDIA – 1893, Duttia ½ Anna black on orange paper – worth US.$.13,800

Duttia ½ anna black on orange paper is a prominent India Feudatory States stamps, as only four specimens exist today. From 1893 to about 1920, it issued its own stamps. … Read More

INDIA – 1992, India Birds of Prey error stamp – worth US.$.16,172

India Birds of Prey error is a modern Indian rarity that displays 1Rs. instead of 2Rs.. The mistake was discovered shortly after printing, with most specimens destroyed. The stamp was … Read More

INDIA – 1929, King George V definitive with a watermark – worth US.$.16,750

1929 King George V definitive with a sideways watermark is a unique variety of India’s definitive stamp. The single used stamp’s genesis is uncertain, though there are a couple of … Read More

INDIA – 1866, 2a Violet Official Provisional stamp – worth US.$.19,000

1866 Provisional stamp was introduced due to the Post Office Act XIV on May 1, 1866. These improvised stamps were done by taking “Foreign Bill” revenues, cutting off to the … Read More

INDIA – 1852, ½ Anna Scarlet Scinde Dawk stamp – worth US.$.27,000

The 1/2 Red Scinde Dawk was the first stamp issued in all of Asia. Because it was embossed on wafer, less than 100 items are now known to exist, giving … Read More

INDIA – 1852, 1/2a blue Scinde Dawk stamp – worth US.$.28,342

Scinde, the British spelling of the name of the province of Sindh, Indian princely states and “Dawk”, the anglicised spelling of the Hindustani word “Dak” or Post. One of the … Read More

INDIA – 1854, Four Annas Second Printing stamp – worth US.$.51,200

1854 Four Annas (Second Printing) is one of the country’s first issues, consisted of simple designs showing a profile bust of Queen Victoria, the country name “India” and the denomination … Read More

INDIA – 1854, Inverted Head 4 Annas – worth US.$.170,500

Inverted Head 4 Annas is considered to one of the most valuable Indian stamps. It was one of the first multicoloured varieties in the world that was issued in India … Read More