USA – 1c Blue Green, Coil – worth US.$.130,000

1c Blue Green, Coil

Barest trace of hinging, deep rich colors, proof-like impression, choice centering on post-office fresh paper

According to Johl, these first government coils were an experiment, and collectors and dealers were generally unaware of their existence. Regular sheets of 400 were perforated in only one direction. They were then cut into strips of 20. The strips were pasted together to form rolls.

It is unknown exactly how many of these experimental coils were produced (one paste-up pair is known). They were superseded less than a year later by the Washington-Franklin issue coils, the first of which were issued on December 29, 1908.

Census No. 316-OG-02. Ex Engel as part of a strip of three. With 1961, 1987 and 1997 P.F. certificates

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