USA – 5c Blue, Coil – worth US.$.125,000

5c Blue, Coil

Mint N.H. guide line pair, intense shade and impression on crisp paper

The 5c 1908 Coil stamps, which were stripped by hand, are almost always strongly centered to one side. Five guide line multiples of the 5c coil have been certified by The Philatelic Foundation. Only this pair is completely sound. Two of the certified pairs are hinged and have small faults. Each of the other two guide line pairs is Mint N.H. and located within a strip of four. However, both of those multiples are affected by gripper marks from the Parkhurst vending machine. Therefore, this is the only sound Mint N.H. multiple known to us.

Ex Col. Green as a strip of four (Sale 2–another strip of four with creases was offered in Sale 26). With 1945 A.P.S. and 2004 P.F. certificates.

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