can i file appeal or revision in HC against lower court biased order after a yr

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      need to know can i file appeal against false DV for quashing the whole procedure of the same and false dowry charge sheet, i have proved evidences and electronic evidences etc and im the first complainant also filled RTI and tax evasion, because she is absconded when she filled first case DV she already live shaprated and got order interim maintinance without couse she live other place from july 2017 to till now and she file dv in march 2018 before this due to not getting response from her side i was file a complaint, which is in record under PS where she file 498 bogus FIR,
      and DV is not practically possible because she live other place i was effort to patchup but something fishy going on that time which i know the new address in first DV order, and many things are naxus of corruption and forgery false statement false story in case.

      need to know can i file appeal in current time because time gap in between of order in DV maintenance biased order and also she getting same thing in crpc 125, what the fast process for justice she misuse these things, and using title of my wife, and i bear unnecessarily burden, please suggest can i approach high court now for fair trail and for stoping suffering from court, even in RTI i mention that complaint which is before her filling date but police official avoiding to provide status of existing complaints…..need help legal remedies?

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