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Best Carrot Halwa

Ingredients (mise en place)
1. 400Gms – Grated Carrot
2. 200Gms – Sugar
3. 100Ml – Milk
4. 100Gms – Khova
Ratio – (4:2:1:1)
5. 1Tbsp – Butter
6. Dry Fruits ( optional )

1. Take a Pan ( non-stick pan if you are a beginner)
2. Roast Dry fruits with some butter this step is optional
3. In a pan add butter, grated carrots and cook them in low-medium flame untill it reduces half in size and make sure you keep constantly stirring it or else the carrots Will get burnt
4. After Carrots are reduced to half, add sugar and mix it well untill it dissolves well
5. Add milk and cook them untill the most of the milk is evaporated
6. Add Khova ( grate it because you might find it difficult to mix it well) and cook for 1-2 minutes
7. add roasted dry fruits ( optional) and mix it Well and off the flame
8. And add some chopped pista or cashew as garnish and serve them
9. Don’t forget thank me after trying this Recipe 🙂

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