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DaBullGonna Xo Cafe – Alcoholic Dalgona Shot ( My own innovative shot)

Ingredients (Mise En place)

1. 20ml – Patron xo cafe (you can even use jagermeifter and can call it JagerBomb shot)
2. 20ml – Red Bull
3. 45ml – Shot Glass


1. Take a shot glass, add Patron xo Cafe
2. Take a spoon and place it Upside down over the Patron xo cafe drink inside the shot glass and start pouring Red Bull drop by drop over the spoon so the layer is created and won’t get mixed with the Patron xo cafe
3. Use chilled Red bull and store Patron xo cafe in fridge and shake well before use
Note – Instead of using Red Bull you can use Baileys Irish Cream or Amarula so that you can perfectly call it as Dalgona Coffee as Patron xo Cafe tastes Like coffee decoction and baileys Irish cream and Amarula tastes like vanilla cream

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