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How to make Soyabean natto without natto starter?

250grms Dried Soybeans

Wash and clean soybeans many times, 1st wash you can use 1 spoon of backing soda in water
Rinse 2/3 times and drain soybeans and place them in an earthen pot if you are boiling the beans.
fill with fresh well water, distilled water. Make sure the beans are completely submerged and covered with 1 or 2 inch of water.
Steaming is better than boiling, you can use a steamer/Iddli/dumpling maker/rice cooker to steam the beans
sanitize other tools like strainer and spatula, spoon if any.
it takes approx. 30 minutes for a rice/pressure cooker to cook the beans 2 hours plus with normal earthen pot
once beans cooked properly allow it to cool down(40 degree), if you boil, strain it and keep it in same pot or other sanitized earthen pot
add 2/3 spoon of earlier left over Natto beans. mix well.
Cover the earther pot with a thin clean dried cotton cloth or cheesecloth and then place the lid.
Keep it in cool dark place for 24 hours. Keep the temperature steady at 40/45 degrees. Keep the soybean mixture in a warmer for 24 hours to ferment.
After 24 hours, if there is a white film on the surface, or sticky its ready.
Transfer the fermented beans to refrigerator to mature.
By resting the beans in a fridge for a day, amino acid composition of soy protein will enrich the flavour of Natto.

Natto contain 1103.4 micrograms of Vitamin K2

Natto, Fermented soybeans, are an especially rich source of vitamin K-2. Bacteria that live in the human gut also produce small quantities of K-2. Both forms of vitamin K are essential for blood clotting and bone health.

BEWARE: for 1st timer it will smell BAD

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