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      I got married on May 2006 and since than i am under the immense pressure of Section 498. My wife fought with my mother in the 2nd month of our marriage and threatened her that she will file an FIR against my Parents, all 3 sisters and their family (including their husbands and children), my brother (including my sister-in-law) and against myself.

      Since than (since July 2006) both me and my wife are staying alone, apart from our family. She threatened me as well by saying that she will file a complaint against all my Sisters (and their family members) if i will keep a relation with them.

      She wants to enjoy an independent life and doesn’t like my healthy relations with my family members. Whereas she speaks with her Mother (My mother-in-lay) over the phone every day, visits her parental house very frequently.

      I am helpless as she is capable enough to destroy my entire family along with my sister’s family. I am more concerned for my sister’s families because each one of them having one daughter and one son. I am more worried about their daughters because she will file the false complaint against those innocent girls as well.

      I am also not comfortable with her at all. She never listen my suggestions and whenever i suggest her something, it is sure that she will start quarrel with me. I feel like I am going through a life imprisonment which will never end. Or i can say worst than any kind of imprisonment because even in imprisonment you have right to live with dignity.

      Our constitution gives us right to protect personal life and liberty and not only this, it provides us the right to live with dignity. But in practical life its not possible if you takes one wrong decision and that is to get married with a wrong woman.

      Now my question is that – is it possible for me to live a normal life once again? Can I take divorce without destroying the life of my family members? or suicide is the only option to get rid of all the metal harassment because I can’t handle it anymore.

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      I can understand your frustration. As you have yourself said “you takes one wrong decision and that is to get married with a wrong woman”. Believe me we have all done the same wrong and are paying for it. But nobody commits suicide. Life is much bigger than a bad wife. First of all consult a good lawyer who can guide you what to further steps to take. If possible take Anticipatory Bail for all your family members. It might be heavy on your pocket but it is much better than waiting for your wife to file a FIR or 498a case against you and getting arrested and then trying to get bail later, for your mother and sister and their family, to come out of lockup.

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      If there is apprehension in your mind that at any time she will prosecute you for false case of 498(a), you may approach for anticipatory bail & be free from undue pressure.

      9821387099, 9224799546.

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      i know its practically vry hard life for u. But suicide is not a solution to any problem. Just think If u do so u wud only be adding a success to ur wifes agenda of harrassing u n ur family. Plus this wud b the biggest punishment u urself wud b gving to ur old parents for their whole life. DONT DO SO.

      You r one of the lucky ppl who know abt ths group n cn get out of ths situation wid the help of members advice. Imagine thr must b many who dont evn know tht thr cud be a way out.

      Just follow the above advise n stay calm. tomorrow wud b a new day!

      All the best.

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      My friend , I also get the same thoughts but please stop your thoughts flowing.

      I can understand the pressure

      Life is dungeon , All is keep your cool and calm and control yourself .

      Get advice from senior members here and get rid out of the poison

      I made same mistake but came to this forum after getting 498a logged which i never knew or dreamt of until my insane wife and in-laws logged it.

      This world is full on insane people, for me they logged on 8 ppl including me my my parents , sisters, cousin brother sisters and aunts

      Go get your ABA first as adviced by all above

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