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      My Wife and my inlaws have filed following false cases against me i.e 406/498a/323/325/504 and CRPC 125 at Aligarh.

      The have mentioned in 498a that i have visited Aligarh on 22nd Aug’2008 and on 17th Jan’2010 . But the truth is that i was travelling from Lucknow to New Delhi on the same date I have proof of my Ticket . Moroever i have mobile recording between my FIL and me where he says i have never visited Aligarh after my Father death i.e 3rd Aug’2008 and never had come to see my wife for last 18 months.

      My wife was suffering from some kind of mental Disorder which was not disclosed to me and neither my family . To hide the facts they have filled false cases against me.

      Can this proof will be helpful for me and what no cases can i file against them in my defence.

      Kindly advice



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      This may help you if you have some other loop holes in her FIR, like if she said they gave dowry etc.

      As per IPC 498A giving dowry also punishable as taking it.

      so you can counter your case accordingly.

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      They haven’t filed the FIR but had complained in court that we were demanding car and they have given dowry of around 9 Lacs . How can i get his bank accounts checked and what cases could be filled against her and my inlaws

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      no need to do anything give Judge a copy of IPC 498A details.

      it says giving dowry also crime, so let them go to jail 1st….

      counter them with their own words. Let them eat their own shit.

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      You have to challange said FIR for quasing the same by filing writ petition in High Court.

      9821387099, 9224799546.

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      Point 1 I sent a notice thru lawyer to come back and discuss

      Point 2 They Filed following cases 498a/323/325/504 ¾ dowry law ,406 and 125 CRPC in court ,Aligarh (UP) no FIR registered

      Point 3 My lawyer applied for caveat in High Court ,Allahabad

      Point 4 I applied for divorce and filed 340

      Kindly advice if my lawyer is guiding me correctly

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