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      I am from Purulia,West Bengal.After my marriage my wife and her family tried to separate me from my parents.I denied as they are dependant on me.I had to move to the first floor as she said she can’t continue with them.She wanted to waste my salary on her relatives.She used to say that she was not happy with the marriage.She wanted a handsome person.She most of the time used to stay at her father’s house ignoring all the responsibilities in my home.On a petty quarrel she asked her relatives to come.They came,beat my aged parents and me and took her with my six months daughter with them.I lodged complaint but police just ignored it.I couldn’t disclose it to everyone because of my reputation as a teacher.After leaving my home,she never came back although pursued several times.I was being threatened by them.after 2 years just to harass me and my family she lodged false cases.She appealed for maintenance to ruin me financially.I am paying 12000/pm interim maintenance.She said she won’t come back,she won’t even give divorce.Only if I am ready to pay her 20 lakhs ,she is ready to give divorce.She doesn’t allow me to see my daughter.I am living a pathetic life.Please help me tell the world the truth.

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      False case of 498A, DV

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      ujjal das you are not pathetic, yo made situation pathetic, false case, women left, not allowing child to meet is not end of the world.

      it is true we men dont get justice in India. there are many things you can do to win this situation
      if you are in mynation group, post your query in whatsapp group you will get reply what to do step by step

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