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      Hello All,

      I got legally married in June 2008 within a day of meeting with the other half. Her father is a crook broker (dalal) had sufficient contacts in the family court to arrange the court marraige date in just one day. Anyway I was fooled. I returned to UK to work with in a couple of days and the other half returned back to maternal home.

      In Nov 2008 the hindu ritual marraige was done in pune. within a week I got her to UK. She started fighting and abusing me and my family for paltry reasons. She did not want to work, or do household chores and neither was she interested in starting a family. She had a medical condition which also stopped her from conceiving(not disclosed prior to marraige).

      Her family members started calling and threatening me within a month of her joining me and the harrassement was just starting. I was almost about to loose my job because of constant stress. i was later seeking medical help from a pschyciatrist.

      Her parents forced my mother to come to UK and resolve our differences. My mother got the same treatment when she landed here. Finally she got assaulted in May 2009. I informed the police as my mother developed medical complications.

      Other half left the home soon after, to stay with her cousins. In October 2009 I went to India and filed a case of cruelty and fraud. She has made a counter allegation of dowry and that we had taken gold from her family, as is expected. She has asked for maintenance and alimony amounting to 60 lacs.

      My lawyer is forcing me to come down to India and go through counselling sessions. He says it is the procedure.

      is anyone aware of such a procedure? In our community we do not have any provision for dowry while getting married and that is the norm. Moreover all marraige costs are divided 50-50 between groom and brides family. Which we have settled.

      She has collected all her items and some of my items from our house while leaving.

      Whats the best way forward?

      Should I go to India for counselling as suggested by my lawyer?

      Should I respond to her allegations of false dowry case?

      Should I withdraw my case and wait for her to file a case against me and then respond?

      What happense If I dont go to India for the next hearing date? I have a power of attorney appointed to represent my case.

      Kindly advise



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      If you go to india, you will stuck there with dowry case.

      in her FIR is she said you took gold as dowry then you can counter her with her own complaint, under IPC 498a giving dowry is equal crime as taking, so she should go to jail 1st read more about IPC here http://mynation.net/ipc.htm

      once you prove 498a as false you can show the court as it was mental harassment, find similar judgments here http://mynation.net/docs/

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