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      On 27th Oct 2017 my in-laws (10) and rowdies (6) they kidnapped me, regarding this I filed FIR in PS, kidnap case at charge sheet level, before to kidnap they did theft in my home which I observed after registered of kidnap case.
      Theft items are my all educational certificates, all experience certificates, passport, bank & cheque books, LIC bond papers, identity cards, gold and cash.
      Kidnap and Theft PS limits are different, both PS directly refuse to take. I approach to DCP, even though no result. I need my belonging it’s my life and death matters. Plz advice what I need to do to get my belongings???
      Note: After 1 month my wife filed 498A, DPA 3/4 on me and my family members, Police without any investigation they direct booked case…!!!
      Plz advice how to defeat the false 498a, DPA 3/4.

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      How you were release after kidnapped ?
      How can you related your wife or someone for theft?
      whats her allegation in 498A ?

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        A. They kidnapped at 2:30 PM and release at 7:00 PM with conditions(divorce,demanded for 30 Lakhs, 10 Tula Gold, Maintenance)settle this within 1 week. I said ok…meanwhile my father gave complaint for missing, then i approach to PS.

        B. After reaching my home, i observe my certificates files, laptop bags and my imp document bags are missing. The next day i approach to SI, he called to my wife, she accepting theft, but she refusing to give. Till date she accepting the fact, her parents send the proposal stating
        1. Withdrawal of Kidnap case ( 12 members got arrest and came on bail 4 ladies members sent the 41A crpc notice) charge sheet level
        2. Divorce from my side
        3.Cash 30 Lakhs
        4. Gold
        5. maintenance.
        so if i accept the proposal.. she will give all my belongings.

        C. About 498A FIR, police refuse to give the complaint letter and FIR, moreover FIR i find in online,( harassing her both physically & mentally and demanded for additional dowry)

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      if you have proof of her accepting she took all certificates file 420 and 406 and 383( extortion)
      write a complaint to SP with this evidence and followup with RTI

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        Both incidents happened at different PS limits, Both the CI’s refuse to take case even after DCP instructions.( advising for settlement or file private petition). She blocked my phone contacts whatever she saying directly to police.

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      file RTI to DCP for the status of ur complaint, if no action then go for private complaint

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        i’ll go for private complaint, do i need to hire an advocate for private complaint . What will be procedure?

        About 498A case when i checked in online
        Status showing : Under Investigation
        Reason : For arrest of accused( what it means )

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      you can move a petition PIP or with Lawyer help for Private complaint.
      police may call u for inquiry get AB n be ready; there is SC judgment no arrest, keep it ready if police come for u

      SC Directs To Form Family Welfare Committee To Examine 498a Misuse, No Arrests Before Committee’s Report.

      No Arrest in 498A – Circular Reffered

      ALLAHABAD HC Guidelines – No arrest under 498A IPC

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